Version 0.5 2 Dec 2022


IndoCoin is an exchangeable digital currency and development platform, designed to serve humanity in a heart centred way.  We believe that to thrive as a race we must place the heart and the human at the centre of any decision making.

IndoCoin is an instrument designed to make it possible to re-establish the bonds of family and community, as well as respect and retain cultural qualities.

IndoCoin has all the necessary building blocks (plug n play type) provided at a one stop location for peer to peer, investor and development community.



IndoCoin’s vision is to bring blockchain and digital currency related benefits to mainstream industry, including hospitality businesses and providers, for the Indo Pacific Region focusing initially on the highly desirable tourist destination of South East Asia.

Our core focus is to provide a robust business platform through which to facilitate thousands of existing applications, offering blockchain features for 5m+ consumers who visit South East Asia, for tourism purposes.


IndoCoin’s goal for humanity & community is to provide an alternative and to increase genuine transactions which build trust and consequently have a positive impact all around.

IndoCoin’s goal for our company is to make IndoCoin a $100m company in the next 5 years and to reach a merchant base of sellers and buyers of twenty million users within the next decade!


It is our aim to be a company with heart; that serves local communities.  We are “analogue” with as much “digital” mixed in as necessary. IndoCoin doesn’t rely on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), IndoCoin exercises N.I. (Natural Intelligence). Natural Intelligence places the heart and the human at the centre.

While rebuilding civic virtues and re-establishing the bonds of family and community, IndoCoin also wishes to respect ethnic values. We aim to bring things back to a community-based level, by allowing trading and exchange to occur at a minor or local level.   IndoCoin passionately believes that a developed heart always brings with it as much intelligence as is necessary and allows compassion and kindness to hold the balance.

IndoCoin has a critical function to fulfil here in complementing communitarian structures that are based on true and fair exchange, and where the benefits are evenly distributed. This is not the case with debt-based, centralized fiat instruments.   Nevertheless, in reality, we live in a fiat-based world.

In the past IndoCoin has had discussions with some leading financial institutions to work out possible partnership scenarios, and once we have formally launched, these will be resumed and intensified. In a world where current Financial Institutions are continuously coming under increasing and unremitting pressures to evolve new customer retention models, previous reciprocal IndoCoin relationships will become crucial, for all participating partners in IndoCoin.


IndoCoin at an earlier time (2018), engaged with the head of an important Bali Provincial Government Company at the BTC Centre in Singapore.  This signalled IndoCoin’s commitment to work with the many small-cap banks that serve the Balinese people and farming population. Details of these discussions are commercial-in-confidence and respectfully won’t be revealed in this Whitepaper.  However, in essence this puts IndoCoin touch with a significant database of businesses in the South East Asian region.  IndoCoin is particularly focused in connecting with the unbanked masses, or with those for whom banks are too far away and/or inconvenient with which to deal.

The other factor to consider why IndoCoin is superior to anything “carded” and even to cash, is again related to the factor of time. IndoCoin is a much quicker and safer option to many who are currently restricted from the use of traditional banking services and products.  IndoCoin will enable users to avoid long waiting times in a traditional Financial Institution and also in the re-exchange process.  IndoCoin avoids the possibility of card-skimming and avoids the possibility of exploitation by moneychangers.

IndoCoin is born in a time of great socio-economic upheaval. While there is politically no congruence as to the causes of this phenomenon, there is consensus by those in the know that there will be major shifts in almost all areas of life.

Digital currency is not risky.  It is not debt-based or a zero-sum game, allowing for all manner of manipulation. Decentralized digital and crypto systems, properly curated, utilizing peer to peer modalities, allow for a sustainable financial system.  This makes huge money laundering operations and other skulduggery much less likely. When you look at IndoCoin carefully, you will recognize its enormous potential.

IndoCoin seeks to always remain ahead of the game, to ensure this splendid new currency will continue into the future.

Everyone knows the adage that cash is king, and that still holds true, though everyone who has recently been privy to the wide and often confusing announcements, both formal and informal, of relevant bodies, will notice the haste with which cash-enabled payment modalities are being abolished.   At the same time more and more CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) projects – in reality coupons – are being launched world-wide.

IndoCoin will, like cash, over time, become irresistible for most users, because of its ease of use and speed of transaction.

IndoCoin is not a digital coupon. IndoCoin is a global commercial digital currency which empowers millions of disenfranchised individuals and small businesses, and provides regional, local and global opportunities to sellers and buyers of goods & services.

IndoCoin’s listing on the PipX Exchange is our commencement point.  There will be many other exchanges and wallet-to-wallet exchanges added as we move forward and grow, allowing for value to be traded, in a split second.

This Whitepaper describes some of our thought processes and the pathway towards establishing one of the largest private merchant trading ecosystems. IndoCoin is cutting-edge in our use of technology, AND IndoCoin remains respectfully, human centric.